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Mary Ann Warrington, Ladies Aux. President RecognizedMary Ann Warrington, Ladies Aux. President Recognized
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
On September 22, 2021 at a meeting of the Auxiliary of the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighters Association, Mary Ann Warrington was recognized as the outgoing President having served in 2020 and 2021. She was recognized by several members of Milton's Ladies Auxiliary in attendance that included her sister-in-law Jeany Argo and her two nieces, Amy Jones and Stephanie Larson. Her Brother, Chief Engineer Sam Argo, presented a clock plaque on behalf of all the members of Milton Fire Department, Inc & the Ladies Auxiliary. Mary Ann is the current President of the Milton Fire Department, Inc. Ladies Auxiliary. Mary Ann spoke of the challenges she has faced during the two year term, and thanked all those that helped her to log a very successful term. She went on to state that the most difficult obstacles were continuing operations throughout the pandemic, and the sadness that all had to endure in the loss of so many that succumbed to the coronavirus. Mary Ann will now serve as a Director of the Auxiliary of the SCVFA along with her regular duties of Auxiliary President at Milton.

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