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Assist 75 with a House Fire - Shadbush Dr. EllendaleAssist 75 with a House Fire - Shadbush Dr. Ellendale
Thursday, January 7, 2016
As 0921 hours, Sussex EOC alerted Station 75 for a house fire at the above location. As members responded to the Station, the EOC received updated information that this was a working fire and at 0924 hours, alerted Station 85 and Medic 101 to the box. Engine 85-4 responded at 0928 along with Engine Tanker 75-8. Engine 85-4 arrived third due at 0935. Crews from Milton assisted the engine and tanker crew from Station 75 with extinguishing a fire in the kitchen and crawl space. Command scaled the response back to the units on scene. 85-4 operated for just under 30 minutes before returning to Milton. Deputy 75 had the Command. Units responding, Engine-Tanker 75-8, Tanker 75-4, Engine 75-2, Engine 85-4, Ladder-85, Tanker-85, Rescue-85, B-75, Medic 101, DSFP, FM-16.

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