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Old Hosiery Mill Fire - Six Alarm FireOld Hosiery Mill Fire - Six Alarm Fire
Sunday, July 17, 1994
On Sunday, July 17, 1994 at 0644 hrs. Sussex Emergency Operations Center dispatched Milton Volunteer Fire Department Sta. 85 to a building fire at Front St. and Atlantic St. Engine 85-4 arrived on scene at 0648 hrs with Chief Lynn Rogers (85-15) observing heavy fire conditions in the west end of the factory. With other arriving fire units, a second alarm requesting an aerial and tanker from Lewes (Sta. 82), At 0649 hrs., A third alarm requesting an aerial and tanker from Georgetown (Sta.77), Tankers from Ellendale ( Sta.75) and Memorial Sta.89 of Slaughter Beach. Engine 85-4, 85-3, 82-1 crews attempted to gain headway with an interior attack, due to the rapid spread of flames throughout the building and possible collapse, an exterior attack was requested.. At 0709 hrs., A fourth alarm requesting Rehoboth ( Sta.86) , 85’ snorkel and three 2000 gpm engines. Rehoboth 86-5 laid 1800 ft of 5” hose and drafted from a creek, 86-9 assisted the draft relay. Rehoboth snorkel was set up at the front of the building at this time three aerials were in service with five master streams flowing water, A deck gun was placed in service on east side .Lewes aerial was in service on the rear of building, and Georgetown aerial was in service on the west side of building, several hand lines were in operation. A fifth alarm requesting Indian River (Sta. 80) tanker and engine, Tankers from Millsboro (Sta.83), Greenwood (Sta.78) A sixth alarm requesting Houston (Sta. 52) tanker and engines and Harrington (Sta.50) tanker and engines Water was becoming critical as the area of the plant does not have an operational water system. 77-4 was requested to establish a draft for filling tankers off Front Street. Hydrants in the town limits and at Milton Fire Station were used to help with the water shuttles, With Milton’s water system heavily taxed, tankers were required to fill at Lewes Sta.2. Two Firefighters were taken to Beebe Medical Center in Lewes for heat exhaustion, due to the very hot 92 degree day. As a result of the rapidly moving blaze, the entire factory was destroyed with only outside walls remaining. Chief Rogers placed the incident under control at 1144 hrs. The cause of the blaze is unknown with no electrical service to the building. Smoke could be seen forty miles away. Building size approx 200’x 100’ 23 Fire Police from Kent and Sussex Counties assisted with road closings for fire apparatus. 18 volunteer fire companies and 250 fire personnel assisting Milton Fire Department Ladies Aux. responded to assist and provided food and refreshments throughout the incident. Hose Used: (600’ of 1”hose), (600’ of 1.5”hose), (400’ of 1.75 hose), (2000’ of 3”hose), (2500’ of 5” hose). Officers on Scene: 85-15- Lynn Rogers, 85-16- Denny Hughes, 85-17-Bill Wright, 85-18- Tim Holding Time of Alarm: Dispatch 0644 hrs. Responding- 0647 hrs. On Scene -0648 Hrs. Under Control -1141 Hrs. Units Returning- 1142 Hrs. Units in Station- 1144 hrs. Units On Scene: E-85-4, E-85-3, E-85-2, E-85-5, Tanker85-1, Rescue-85-6, Brush-85-00, Utility-85-10, Utility-85-8, A-85, B-85, E-82-1, E-82-2, E-82-4, Ladder-82-7, Tanker-82-5, Rescue-82-6, Utility-82-12, Utility-82-8, E-77-1, E-77-2, Tanker-77-4, Rescue-77-6, Utility 77-10, Ladder 77-7, E-75-5, Tanker 75-3, Tanker 75-4, Tanker 83-10, E 89-1, Rescue 89, Tanker 89, E 80-5, E-80-4, E-78-4, Tanker 78-5, E-86-8, Tanker 86-5, E-86-9, Snorkel 86, Rescue 86, E-52-2, Tanker 52-2, Tanker 50-2, E-50-4, E-50-5, FM-12, FM-16, FM-27, SCPM 103, SCPM104, SCFP. Units Covering Stations: E-83-3, E-80-2, E-70-1, E-70-2, E-42, E-72-4, E-72-7, E-73-1, E-79-4, Tanker 79-2, E-84-3, E-49-3, \

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