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Lightening Strike - Front StreetLightening Strike - Front Street
Saturday, July 26, 2014
Just after 1330 hours, as a severe thunderstorm was rolling through the area, Station 85 was alerted for a possible house fire on Front Street, in the area of East Side Village. Fire Police Captain Mike Justice (85-30) was in the area at the time and responded to the scene. 85 Command responded with EMS Chief Millman (85-40) and was advised the RP saw a lightening strike with smoke near a house in the area. 85-30 arrived on scene and spoke with the RP. Command arrived shortly after and was advised the same. Engine 4 under the Command of Deputy Chief Hopkins arrived and were assigned to investigate the area around the homes and the wooded area behind. A-85 arrived and was staged away from the scene. Deputy Chief Hopkins advised Command the crew had found a telephone box and electric meter struck on the side of a home with no apparent extension. Crews check the crawl space of the home and the interior with a thermal camera with no extension noted. Command placed the situation under control, contacted DP & L, and placed the units available. Units on scene, 85-Command, 85-4, A-85, DSFP.

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